With 40,000 Polish businesses in the UK – yours could be next!

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http://infonarium.ru/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/uk_poland_twin_pin.jpgTen years after the enlargement of the European Union, when the first big wave of Polish immigrants came to the UK, there have been some 40,000 businesses established by Polish people. In the UK they’ve discovered their “entrepreneurial spirit“, but also found a business-friendly environment.

Less bureaucracy, more stable law, lower national insurance fees and lower taxes Рit all helps people gain more self-confidence in starting their own businesses and making their dreams come true. If you want to join these 40,000 Polish businesses in the UK, but still have some doubts on how to do it, visit the Rotherham European Business Festival to find out more.

Stop hesitating – start looking for support

So, how to join these successful Polish businesses in the UK? Before you start, there are some topics you definitely must take into consideration. We suppose you already know what your business activity would be and whether it requires any special licenses. But you still need to decide whether you want to be self-employed, working with a business partner, run a limited company or maybe establish a charity organisation. You might also need to find a perfect location, funds for starting and growing your company, creating a business plan, learn more about running business etc. Remember Рthere are institutions and organizations that may give you a hand with your first steps. Some of them, from Northern England, you will find at Rotherham European Business Festival.

Learn from the others

There are varied kinds of support you may been given. This includes marketing or management trainings, legal advices, help with finding the right premises or funds for starting, connecting you with potential partners etc. The offer of support may vary regarding the form of business you want to run. So visit Rotherham European Business Festival and ask support providers as many questions as you need. Meet also successful Polish businesses in the UK – learn from them and finally make your first step into your business.