Looking to Expand into Poland?

LGD VortalPoland has the largest economy in Central Europe, the sixth-largest and one of the fastest growing in the EU. Companies entering the Polish market benefit from access to 38 million potential customers – this is the largest market among the former Eastern bloc countries of Central Europe.

The stability of the Polish economy is one of the driving factors for investments into Poland. If your company plans to trade or expand its activity to Poland – come and meet LCOI – Local Investor Service Centre at the Rotherham European Business Festival.

Local Investor Service Centre – Eastern European Gateway

LCOI builds a partnership of local governments, companies from different sectors, business and business promotion departments etc. There are six Local Investor Service Centres based in five voivodships of so-called “Eastern Wall of Poland”: świętokrzyskie, warmińsko-mazurskie, podlaskie, lubelskie and podkarpackie. The region, where Local Investor Service Centres operate, is less developed than the western side of the country, however such fast-growing cities as Rzeszów with IT and pharmaceutical industry, Lublin or Białystok are exactly there. Easy acces from the United Kingdom offer international airports in Rzeszów and Lublin and nearby airports in Kraków and Warsaw. Local Investors Service Centre can give you a hand in finding the best location for your business.

Join LCOI international network

Local Investor Service Centre has prepared a huge offer for investors. This offer includes:

  • building up a modern business communication system – the Innovative Vortal for Business Communication, where you can market your business, check what the others offer and find business partners
  • a property database for investors that plan expanding especially in Eastern part of Poland (but it collects data from whole country)
  • database of services
  • tourist and business facilities data base.

Meet Local Investor Service Centre on Rotherham Business Festival. Visit also its website.