Rotherham European Business Festival ’14 is an occasion to showcase the potential of Yorkshire to potential investors and people thinking about setting up business in the UK. The event will connect employers, advisors, entrepreneurs and investors with the exciting opportunities the region offers.


For Employers we offer the opportunity to introduce your company to a skilled, educated and enthusiastic workforce from across Europe. Renowned for their hard work ethic you could discover the next rising stars for your business.


For local businesses offering business services and advice we offer the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs from across Europe who require your advice to thrive in the local marketplace. According to Martin Oxley, Director of UKTI in Warsaw, there are over 40 thousand businesses run by Polish immigrants in the UK. This huge number continues to grow and delivers a huge opportunity for Yorkshire and local businesses.


For budding entrepreneurs that would like to work on their own, but are looking for advice and guidance on how to go about it, the Rotherham European Business Festival will connect you with expert advice and counsel to help you get on your way.


For investors we work with organisations from Central & Eastern Europe that are looking for business partners in England to expand their markets. The festival will work to connect these companies with local investors to attract more investment into yorkshire.


The festival will also highlight opportunities in further education in the region, allowing improved competitiveness in the job market.