Yorkshire Landscape

There’s a region in Northern England that offers a lot to new investors wanting to expand or relocate their businesses. Where institutions provide strong support, road and rail links with all of the corners of the country are excellent and three international airports offer connections to over 40 cities across Europe. This thriving region is Yorkshire!


Today Yorkshire is home to around 55,000 immigrants from Poland alone, with many more from other nations across Eastern and Central Europe. Most are skilled and well educated, some successfully running their own businesses contributing taxes and creating new jobs in the area. Many more are keen to establish their own business but lack the local knowledge and experience to get their dreams off the ground.


Yorkshire Tourist Organization Limited is a social enterprise with a mission to promote Yorkshire to Central & Eastern Europe across business and tourism. Locally we work to build a strong CEE community in Rotherham and Yorkshire establishing positive relationships with local organisations and institutions. Internationally we aim to link Yorkshire businesses with Central & Eastern European markets.